In the extremely remote town of Yuendumu in Australia's Northern Territory, the wet season's rains can cause extreme flooding, blocking the roads in and out, and leaving the community completely isolated.

As part of the Central Desert Regional Council's program to improve road infrastructure in the region, Yuendumu was in line for a much needed stormwater drainage upgrade to help save the town from flooding. 

Opus was called upon to help provide a survey of the main roads of the town, including all existing natural and engineered features, street furniture and utilities. Our specialist field crew carried out the surveys using the latest GPS instrumentation to fit the surveys with all the requirements. This greatly improved efficiency allowing multiple surveyors to work simultaneously.

Our surveyors understood the value of improved storm water management to the people of Yuendumu who are at a constant risk of seasonal flooding. Minimising the disturbance to existing surroundings and local residents was at the forefront of their minds, and the surveys help to ensure future storm water systems work with nature, rather than against it.

Our survey and civil design teams, provided a one-stop shop for the client, overseeing the whole project from the initial survey and investigation right through to the end while delivering a survey of the highest standard.