Barcoo Shire is a remote western Queensland Local Authority located 300 km south west of Longreach.

The Shire is challenged with maintaining aging infrastructure using limited funding and basic physical resources. They required a review of their current business processes and the production of a series of pragmatic asset management plans that drive desired asset outputs.

The plans needed to specifically address the remoteness of the assets, limited resources, and the current maturity of the asset management practices within Council.

A key success factor on this project is understanding the business of Council and defining an appropriate asset management policy to provide effective leadership for asset management within Council.

This review focused on the following key areas:

  • Assessing current and desired levels of service from the infrastructure
  • Managing critical assets
  • Prioritising physical works using risk assessment methods
  • The long term financial plan for asset preservation and maintenance
  • An asset management plan owned by Council

Opus provided the following value to the project: 

  • Sharing experiences gained from working with other local authorities
  • Providing an independent view on the current practices based upon Opus’ asset management knowledge and global experiences
  • Engaging staff through focused and interactive workshops creating valuable insights for all parties

Services provided included:

  • Assisting in creating a business case model to justify the review in terms of benefits and associated cost
  • Facilitated workshops that engaged and focused the participants on key issues and developed solutions
  • Production of asset management plans
  • Ongoing coaching